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When you want a tattoo, there’s a certain amount of trust that you give your tattoo artist. At Revolution Studios Tattooing, our reputation is pristine, the talent at our studio is second to none, and you can rest assured that we’ll exceed your every tattoo expectation.

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From traditional to new school, our tattoo ability knows no bounds.

One of the best and most original, award-winning tattoo shops in Omaha for over fourteen years. Our tattoo parlor is centrally located in the metro area. Tattoo artists, Robert, Kurt, and Dennis are highly trained professionals offering superior tattooing and customer service at a very affordable price. We offer a wide selection of body art designs and encourage you to schedule a consultation today so we can be part of your tattoo experience.

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Because tattoo styles and tastes vary, we have a full team of artists ready to create a tattoo that perfectly reflects your exact desires. Check out our team of professional tattoo artists below:


Here's what they call a quick introduction of myself. I currently live in Omaha NE, here I call Revolution Studios Tattoo my home. I owe all thanks for this journey to a man I call POPS, my father. He has been tattooed from his head to his feet by some of the greatest artists from all over. He's the one who purchased my first set of tattoo machines. Holding out his leg and telling me "Do not fuck this up!!". Well... Sorry dad, I fucked it up! Glad you still love me though!

Anyway, it's been a long time since then and I've met some fantastic people what I would like call friends. The road to this point has been up and down but fun all the way and certainly not over. I hope you all enjoy the tattoos that we have sat through together. I know I have and I am glad to have become your friend!

If you would like to stop by the shop, and see me, ask for Rob!


Hey everyone! My name is Kurt, and this is about me!

I have been interested in art for as long as I can remember. So when my dad asked if I wanted to go with him to check out this nonsense called "tattooing", I was all for it. Little did I know that going with him would forever change get me hooked. I'm not quite sure if that is good or bad, but regardless, here I am! It's all thanks to dear ol' dad.

I can't forget Rob either, I couldn't thank him enough for giving me this chance. Although I'm sure he regrets it sometimes! (sorry Rob) Also thanks to everyone who has let me tattoo them, I consider it an honor to be trusted by someone to draw on them permanently.


Dennis has been tattooing in Omaha since 2004, and is the newest addition to our family. A well rounded and balanced artist excited for whatever comes next.



Your tattoo questions answered by Revolution Studios Tattooing

We get a lot of phone calls and emails about general tattoo and piercing inquiries, so feel free to contact us at 402-731-1976 with any questions. Here’s a few that we hear the most:

Tattoo care

Your tattoo takes 2-4 weeks to heal. During this time, gently wash the tattoo every night and apply lotion to keep the skin soft. We recommend wrapping with plastic for the first few nights.

How to prep for a Tattoo

Eat. No, seriously – your body will be releasing endorphins during the tattoo process, so you want to have stable blood sugar. Also, avoid any alcohol, aspirin, or caffeine before being tattooed.

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